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Advice and Guidance: Terms & Conditions

Our hydro-therapist is fully trained and has over eight years experience with canine hydrotherapy.
We are fully compliant with Health & Safety regulations and have been inspected by the local authorities.
Our fully trained hydro-therapist is in the position to understand the needs of each individual dog and to administer the correct therapy to achieve maximum, beneficial results.
There is no one set programme and each session will be tailored to the individual dogs’ requirements and fitness level.
We advise that you consult your veterinary surgeon prior to treatment.
We may need to contact your vet before a booking is made to obtain confirmation of good health. We also have a vet available should additional advice or treatment be required.
Whenever possible we will encourage you, as the owner, to be part of the session.
To ensure all dogs are given the same time and attention, we would appreciate your co-operation in ensuring you dog is here within plenty of time to start the therapy.
Your dog may only swim for a few minutes initially, to assess them and in order that we can regularly check their temperature and ensure against over-exertion.
Many pet insurance companies now cover hydrotherapy treatment if referred by a veterinary surgeon - please check with your insurer.
Please do not feed your dog for at least 4 hours prior to swimming.
We have a dryer available if required. Please bring a towel or dog rug for your journey home.
Sessions are available in either 30minute or 60minute timeslots. Session time represents total time in the hydrotherapy centre. Please enquire for our current prices.
  • Treatment bookings can be made up to 4weeks in advance
  • Bitches in season cannot be accepted during the duration of their season
  • Floatation aids will be used at the discretion of the hydro-therapist
  • Collars must be worn by all dogs whilst on the premises
  • All dogs must be on a lead whilst on the premises
  • Please do not enter the pool area if another dog is in the pool
  • Only dogs previously assessed will be allowed to use the pool
  • Numbers are restricted to 2 dogs in 30minutes and 4 dogs in 60minutes
  • We ask that all children are supervised at all times within the pool area
Cancellation Policy
Advanced fees are now payable at the time of booking.
Minimum notice of 48 hours is required in order to re-schedule appointments

No refunds are given
Consecutive cancellations without a viable reason will result in the cancellation of the treatment and any further/future bookings without prior notification. This will be exercised at our discretion.

Please make sure that your dog has been to the toilet before your appointment. If your dog fouls in the pool the session will be over so that it can be cleaned .

Unfortunately we cannot except faecal incontinence dogs.

Please clean up after your dog

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