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Boarding Kennels Terms And Conditions 

Kennel Cough - Tomlinson's will not accept any dog without current vaccination certificates. Kennel Cough vaccine is also required and must be given by your vet at least 14 days before boarding.

Bitches In Season - Will not be accepted in to the kennels. If a Bitch comes in to season during her stay, Tomlinson reserve the right to make alternative boarding arrangements with charge or release the dog to the owners representative.

PLEASE NOTE that no refunds will be issued if you are refused boarding, on arrival, because of any out of date booster and/or kennel cough vaccinations or your dog is in season

Illness or Injury - Tomlinson's Kennels shall not be liable for any injury to/loss of/illness of any dog during or arising from the boarding period unless such injury/loss or illness arises directly from negligence on the part of Tomlinson's Kennels or any of its employees.

Veterinary - Tomlinson's Kennels reserves the right to call out a veterinary surgeon (where possible the owners own vet)at any time it is deemed necessary to administer to any dog(s) in their care. Any costs incurred will be payable by the owner. Costs Incurred By Tomlinson's Kennels must be settled on collection of any dog(s). There is a £25 charge applicable for each visit if the dog(s) is taken to the vet whilst boarding.

Financial - In order to safe guard your booking, please return this form together with the appropriate deposit. The balance will be due up on arrival. All rates are per day and not per night.

PLEASE NOTE the times available to drop/pick up your dog(s) is between 10am-5.30pm ONLY.

Cancellations - Within 21 days of check in, full fees are payable.

21-41 days prior to check in date, deposit is forfeited.

42+days prior to check in date, deposit refunded less £25 administration fee Per dog.

No Refund/ Credit note will be given if vaccinations are not up to date.

Boarding period - If dog(s) are collected before the collection date no refunds/credit will be given.

If the dog(s) requires boarding past the original boarding period, if available Tomlinson's Kennels will continue to board and the additional fees will be payable on collection. Tomlinson's Kennels will give 7 days notice to the last known address of the owner if they fail to collect their dog(s)at the end of the agreed boarding period. After which , should the owner still fail to collect, the Tomlinson Kennels reserve the right to ensure the dog(s) is passed to appropriate bodies for alternative homing/ boarding, which may accrue additional boarding costs. Should such action be taken , Tomlinson's Kennels will send written notification to the last known address. Tomlinson's Kennels reserve the right too refuse admittance to any dog deemed unsuitable for boarding

Personal Belongings - Tomlinson's Kennels are not liable for loss of any personal belongings.

Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day - Any bookings over Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years Day will incur an additional days boarding per dog.

Closed for pick up or drop off: Christmas Day Boxing Day and New Years Day.

Effective 2013

Once deposit has been paid you are bound by our terms and conditions.

Opening hours STRICTLY between 10am-5.30pm

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