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Welcome to Tomlinsons Hydrotherapy Centre

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Hydrotherapy/Fun Swims ONLY £25 per session or BUY 10 sessions get 2 sessions FREE!!!

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Tomlinsons Hydrotherapy Centre is committed to providing a safe and clean environment in which your dog can enjoy the benefits of fitness and good health in a friendly atmosphere. Our Canine Hydrotherapy Centre is based on our grounds along with the rest of our facilities. We are confident that not only will your dog benefit from their time spent with us but that you and your dog will enjoy the experience!
Why choose Tomlinsons for Hydrotherapy?
The hydrotherapy centre is purpose built and houses a separately heated pool in central heated surroundings. It is made to accommodate all requirements and is ideal for any size of dog. The size and the unique shape not only allows even large dogs to fully extend their limbs but it also allows for free-swimming. This gives free movement and direction with no sharp turns – this could cause undue strain on dogs with spinal problems.


The pool has the added benefit of a free walking graduation so that the dog can enter and exit the pool with the minimum amount of effort and no stress!
We have been providing hydrotherapy to dogs for 8 years and we will always provide the best treatment, attention and care to each dog on an individual basis.
Our aim is to make your pets experience as stress free as possible and to develop a trusting bond so that they look forward to their next session. This will enable your dog to enjoy quick, direct and maximum benefit from the best personalised exercise regime possible for their recovery.
Making Tomlinsons the best, most cost effective hydrotherapy centre in operation
About Hydrotherapy
Canine hydrotherapy is a form therapy used as treatment for chronic conditions, post-operative recovery, pre-operative maintenance and general fitness in dogs. It can be used as an alternative to weight bearing exercises and medication.
Hydrotherapy is known to improve the over all health and general fitness level of canines. It can help your dog with:
  • Osteoarthritis 
  • Hip and Elbow Dysplasia 
  • Cruciate Ligament Damage Pre And Post Op 
  • Patella Luxations 
  • Spinal Conditions Including Neurological Cases 
  • Mobility Improvement 
  • Obesity In Conjunction With Diet Restriction
  • Agility
Hydrotherapy can be used as part of the rehabilitation process and help speed recovery after operations allowing damaged or repairing limbs and supporting tissue the chance to repair and improve without the pain of weight bearing exercises. The limb could also become immobile due to lack of movement resulting in muscle wastage – this can occur very quickly when a painful limb is not being used properly and weight bearing exercises are not an option.
Hydrotherapy can be used to maintain the dogs’ current condition before an operation. It is beneficial for a dog to be in the best possible condition prior to surgery. Water exercise and Swimming is an ideal way to increase cardiovascular fitness and general health. This is especially important if the dog is unable to exercise or is restricted due to its condition.
Water Therapy can be used to slow the progression of degenerative conditions. Certain degenerative conditions can make normal weight bearing exercises difficult. It can put pressure on joints and limbs which can aggravate some conditions, so hydrotherapy is used in these circumstances to allow the dog to exercise freely with no pressure on the affected area(s), in an environment where their body is supported.
Obese dogs may need to exercise to lose weight and help prevent or improve conditions brought on by their size. They can get the required exercise needed without excessive pressure and strain being put on their limbs, joints and organs (Heart) to help build fitness and lose weight.
Dog hydrotherapy may be used as part of a general health and fitness routine especially as most dogs love the water and find it both rewarding and fun to have a splash around!
Fun Swims Available!!!
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